Access to and cost of highly qualified professional expertise for fast growing SME businesses is challenging and can be expensive. This leads to a significant strategic disadvantage that impacts growth, and sub-optimal set up can lead to future issues.

We can free up your time, allowing you to focus on growing your business.

A CEO ought to be focused on growth and sales and may not have all the operational skills the business requires to grow and develop. Fin Consultancy can provide experienced business professionals who can form part of your management team focused on operational areas, freeing up the CEO to focus on driving the business forward.

Part time / flexible support

Business needs are highly likely to vary over time, or you may not be ready to commit to a full time level of resource. Fin Consultancy allows you to access high calibre professionals who would be unaffordable on a full time basis. Use our knowledge to shape your business or to assess if full time resource is required before you commit.


Do you have a young and enthusiastic team who lack knowledge and experience? Use Fin Consultancy to coach your team and develop them by sharing their skills and knowledge.

Systems and processes

Poor inital set up leads to major future problems. Use our experienced and knowledgeable business professionals to create a solid base from which to grow.

Has your business grown to the point that it now needs systems and processes putting in place in order to grow further? Investors will want to see that the business is well run and that all legal and employment requirements have been met. We can put those systems in place for you, whether that’s financial controls and structure, HR systems or office management.

Help build strong foundations for growth

If you’re looking to exit in the medium term, then the strength of the financial set up is critical. You also need to have a strong management team who can take the business forward. Our associates can help build those strong foundations using their past experience.

A listening ear and a wise head

Fin Consultancy associates can join your team as non-excutive directors or just be at the end of the phone to offer advice, or bounce around an idea.

The aim of Fin Consultancy is to work in partnership with clients, providing support in a way that best meets their business needs.